Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That'ssss the Sssssssssssspirit

Flipflops, t-shirt, shades: Ssssssuper

Somewhere, in the vast, ever-working ranks of the freeway builders, there's a small, yet dedicated cadre who gets assignments like this: go down to that new overpass widening over near Rural Road, and mold a 25 foot tall rattler into the side of it, in the style of the Hohokams. Oh, and put some frilly wavy watery-looking fringe on top, since it's down near the lake with the rubber dams. And give that rattler some big ole eyes to see with. The kind that follow you around no matter where you go. Bonus points if you make the bridge sound like a rattle when the wind blows. Extra extra bonus points for bike lanes. Get up. Go ride. 

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