Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday: The Wind Took Me for a Ride, and Bip Sang Me a Song

Camelback Mountain, from Stanford Drive

Limom posted a picture of what has to be an aerial or satellite survey marker, so I thought I would let Bip take me for a ride and share some of those that I see regularly on Stanford Drive (3X, below).

 Looked for these on a online mapping/satellite service to show you, no joy

And that was going to be the extent of my ride. Then I noticed there was a tail wind, and then 10 miles later realized that a tail wind going out, nice as it may feel from a wind-at-your-back perspective, would mean wind-at-your-front on the way home. But the thing about Bip is, that steel frame sings to me. The more I pedal, the farther I go, the more it sings. When I headed out, the weather service was reporting 99F and 7% humidity, which, with a following wind and enough water to drink, is heaven on a bike, I'm telling you. I also popped over to a street I've been meaning to post a picture of for a while, and today this little side excursion was another reason to let the bike-song go on a little longer. From that perspective, a Sunday late afternoon with the pre-sizzle heat to power a singing steel ride, the week ahead looks promising. Get up. Go ride.

  This Is Not A Street With No Name


  1. Are those markers spaced out at regular intervals?
    The strange thing about mine was that it appeared to be a rogue. I found only one.
    It's the WOPR I tell you!
    Joshua wants to play a game.

  2. VERY regular intervals. As if placed/painted by a computer.


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