Friday, May 21, 2010

Slow Down, You Friday Speed Demons

Traffic Admonishment, or Spiritual Prod?

First off, to get the slight snarky out of the way, octagon is exclusively a stop sign shape. The shape of SLOW DOWN could be a diamond or a rectangle, and I would be cool with yellow or orange. But a yellow octagon is right out. Unless the sign is actually some kind of Zen koan meant to induce spiritual awakening: STOP(shape) SLOW DOWN(text), especially if you are already going about 10 mph, which most of these drivers (and cyclists) are--should I slow down even further? Stop? If I stop, do I still need to slow down? What is the speed of one stopped bicycle slowing? Should I stop slowingly? Slow stoppingly? Or some kind of nightmarish driver's license test question in the making: a school bus, two bicycles, cars from both directions, and children getting ready to cross in the crosswalk (as pictured). A woman walking by carries a yellow SLOW DOWN sign octagonal in shape within the school zone. A horse and rider approach: who has the right of way? I also wonder if this sign in motion has any sensible application to cars that are also in motion--I know drivers get what is meant in this case, generally, but specifically, what are you supposed to do when you see an octagonal sign moving down the street? Stop, wait, stop, wait, stop, wait....Since one generally stops AT a particular location, I mean. OK, hungry and sleep-deprived now. Time for the weekend. Time for bike. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Is that a bike lane or MUP she's walking on?
    While holding a sign and talking on the phone?

  2. With a 15mph speed limit, why would any cyclist not just cruise down the lane instead of over on the shoulder where the lady with the sign and phone can whack him on the head?

    PS: I interviewed my crossing guard today. Have you interviewed yours?

  3. limom that's a bike lane, but there's nothing resembling a sidewalk, so people usually walk in the bike lane.

    Steve that's a marked bike lane they are walking in. I ride about the same speed as the cars through here, so I will change out of the bike lane and stay with the cars until the bike lane is clear of kids and baby carriages and whatnot. I didn't talk to the crossing guards yet--they are not always on the right side for me to chat with them. I think I'll ask what they're going to do with their summers.


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