Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Scottsdale Water Mark at Night

Between Sunset and Moonrise, It's Dark Out There (I brought light)

There were two more posts on my to-do list for Scottsdale Water Mark: one at night, and one when the monsoon storms arrive, and water shoots out of their mouths. The items already checked off the list were the post about the day they installed it, and another after then installed the leg pedestals and lights. I hoped that the lights would be something expressive and colorful, but they are not. This wasn't just wishful thinking though: I noticed over here that they mentioned a color scheme of blue to represent water, and yellow to represent sun, so that held some promise for me. I mean, it doesn't take a crazy amount of imagination to think of some of the spectacular things you could do with some brilliant blue and yellow lights against some giant aluminum horse gargoyles that shoot water out of their mouths when the flood waters run. And, there's a precedent in Scottsdale art: Tributary Wall, in particular the rusty fish up on my blog masthead, glows when the sun sets, and is lit from below by great crimson lights when it gets dark. My thinking is, if we can do that for a rusty cat fish, what could we do in the form of expressive lighting for the giant aluminum horse gargoyles?

But, with just a small blue light and a small yellow one per horse, along with the ambient street / path lighting, they end up looking a lot like this:

 Room for Creative Lighting Here

The last two times I've ridden out here, I have come at the horses by going under the bridge under Indian Bend Road, and I recommend that approach because of the way that the horses are revealed from beneath the arches of the bridge. On a bicycle you go down the path on the southwest corner of the bridge, which heads away from the bridge as it goes downhill, then doubles back on itself and goes under the bridge. You can also go the way I did the first time I visited, which is from the east, along the north side of the bridge, which gives you the long, expansive view and lets you take in the whole scene. I have no idea what the best approach will be when this is ten feet deep in white water. Kayak? Not allowed or recommended, I'm sure. The ride over here tonight was excellent, except for the smoke in the air from the mulch fire in the western part of the city. I came home smelling like I rode through a brush fire. I consider tonight my first night canal ride of the summer, since it's 10pm and still almost 80 degrees out. More summer rides ahead, day and night. I can't wait. Get up. Go ride.

I Miss Tri-X

Goodnight, my aluminum horsemen of the deluge, see you when the rains come


  1. I have a weakness for Streamlining/Art Deco.
    Top photo FTW!

  2. I have a weakness for things at night that look good in black and white. For example, Mayan ruins. I added one more picture above as an update.

  3. Inspired by this, I shall have to take some Texas horse statue photos!


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