Thursday, April 15, 2010

Waiting for One Hundred

Yasuko Enjoying the Shade of the Dendriform Columns

It hit ninety and above today with single-digit humidity, but I can't wait for one hundred degree days in Phoenix, when the pollen production shuts down, and the sneezy yellow eye-itch powder finally clears from the air. I dream of still, hot, dry, air and blazing sun, when the desert comes into its own, and the trails clear of casual riders. Noon, with saguaro: a cactus wren buzzes, insects hum, and I'm alone and riding in peace in the heat. Ninety degree nights spinning along the canal in a blast of furnace night air, just me,and the bats skimming the water. No more swollen, scratchy eyes or runny noses! No more antihistamine zombification! I know we're only half-April at this point. And except for the allergies, this weather is glorious. But I am ready for one hundred. Now, the flowers and green and new birth of spring is beginning to wear on me: it's time to fry all that is green and flowery, to bake the earth, and let the cactii and lizards have their long, hot days in the summer sun. Bring on the ultraviolet baths of summer. Bring on the lizards doing push-ups, and the birds panting in the heat. And ultimately, bring on the monsoon rains and winds, when I may need to seek shelter temporarily beneath the mighty dendriform columns that Frank Henry designed for the bank at 44th and Camelback. Beneath their spreading cement canopies, I would be safe from hail of any size. On my bike, heat is power, and driving monsoon rains make me laugh with joy. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Waiting for 100 degrees, wow, you really are a desert dweller!

  2. Definitely prefer the desert Big Oak! I've spent time in very cold places, and very rainy places, and my personal preference is to dwell in the hot dry southwest. But it's not for everyone, I know. On the other hand, it's only a short drive to the snow if I miss it. Which I usually don't. :)

  3. I'm with you, JRA!

    70° F is GREAT, except when it means the scratchy eyed, runny nosed, atomic sneezing fit riding contests with all the motorized Snow Birds!

    Give me the century mark when all the pollen AND the winter visitors are GONE! ('Course, when it hits 110° F, night riding at 100+° F is the BEST!)

    This weekend is going to be above 90° F, I'm already noticing the yards browning up, so maybe my commutes next week in the 70+° F range will be pollen free!

  4. Man the allergy monsters got me today...maybe because I spent about three hours riding? Riding at night in the heat is great, agreed. Hard to describe what 100 in the dark feels like...

  5. Yeah, one of my errands on Hardiboi yesterday (Sat., 4/17/10) was to swing by the Fry's Grocery and pick up a couple of 30-count bottles of Kroger Allergy Relief (generic Claritin). My nose was running and I was ah-chooing it the whole time I was in the self-checkout line!


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