Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Head toward the rusty fish, I guess.

The Envisioning Device, which was just to the right of the above area, was gone today. I guess that if you want to envisimaginate the future, you have to look quickly.

Here's one more shot from the Cycle the Arts Ride. The puzzle-like prickly pear framing the bicycle below is from Dennis Oppenheim's "Garden of Evidence". You can read about it and him by clicking.  There are six of these scattered around the District One Patrol Office. They are each different yet similar enough in appearance to confuse cyclists on a Sunday morning arts ride who are looking at a tiny picture of one on a map to use as a meeting place. But we worked it out, and got cold water refills and fig newtons. Which appear to be the perfect cycling food. Now, I like water jet-cut large prickly pear sculptures as much as the next guy, but I can't say that these spoke to me immediately, not like the Horseshoe Falls steam, or even the giant horses of Water Mark. Then I read that page linked above, and I noticed that it seems to want me to check out the shadow forms that the things throw. So I'll need to go back there later in the afternoon one day and have a look. Although I don't want the officers of the District One Patrol Office to wonder why I am hanging around. I'll just explain that I read online that I should study the "architectural scale prickly pear cactus forms [that] are placed within shadow forms which play with the vertical shapes on the ground plane". No wait, maybe I won't say that. I'm spending a night in the slammer for sure for an utterance like that. I'll just tell them I'm taking a ɹnoʇǝp. Get up. Go ride.


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