Monday, April 12, 2010

Envisioning Device

Ceci n'est pas une Autostereogram

As a followup to the "Cycle the Arts Ride" yesterday, I stopped by the much emptier bridge this morning (the picture above was taken yesterday) to see if they left up the semi-transparent thing that lets you see what the Soleri Bridge will look like when it's done, and also to try one more time to line it up perfectly. I found out more. Much more. It's called an "Envisioning Device." WTF?

  Envisioning Device: Stand on the Duct Tape X

Oh. There's a big silver duct tape X to stand on. Missed that yesterday. OK, stand on the X...OK, still not quite right...oh I see, stand on the X and be 5' 6" tall, OK, I'll crouch down quite a bit...hey, that's pretty neat. I took a photo from the exact X position but honestly it doesn't add much to yesterday's photo. But reading the sign I wasn't sure if I should envision the future or imagine it. So I kind of envisimaginated it. The future: envisimaginate it with this device.

Then there's this from yesterday. Too many pictures for one post. Get up. Go ride.

Sonic Would Totally Stay on for the Eight Seconds

1 comment:

  1. Envisioning device.
    Is that something like a holodeck?
    Nevertheless, it is pretty cool.
    More pics please.


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