Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Your Wheel, My Scratching Unit

Your wheel. I believe it is too close to my scratching unit. Please remove it.

The cat helped me put on the rear wheel last night. That cog hasn't been so clean in a long time. I think the cat was a bit overwhelmed by its shiny purity. Yasuko is a seven speed, so I had to get a spacer to fit the 8/9 speed hub. When I stacked the spacer under the cog stack, though, it was too tall--I couldn't engage the smallest cog with the splines on the hub. Easy to fix that though: the cog pile had three small screws holding it together, with small hex heads protruding from the bottom which made the total of spacer+screw head+cogs too tall. Remove the screws, use the opportunity to clean the individual pieces really well, then it fit perfectly--I didn't even need to adjust my shifters at all. I did also clean the chain, put on new tire and tube, and adjust the brakes. The ride home tonight was wet and windy. I don't mean breezy, I mean 15-25mph head wind. Boy those aero wheels really helped with that. On my mountain bike. Get up. Go ride.

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