Monday, March 8, 2010

Yes In My Backyard

It never fails: when the peach blossoms pop in my backyard, Spring is just around the corner. The changing of the seasons means different things in different places, of course. Here, it looks like it means "mid to upper 80s next week." Other places, it might mean snow melting, grass reappearing, winter clothes being packed away, or sun breaking through the gray. But I'm telling you this: on a bicycle, you feel the transition of the season more intensely, and sooner, than people locked up inside their metal boxes. You hear the birds the morning they arrive. You smell the blossoms the day they open. And yes, you feel the April showers splashing on your face, but that's OK because they mean another Winter is done. Yawp with me one time. Get up. Go ride.  

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