Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Progress Heads Underground at the Scottsdale Waterfront

Progress Reflected in the Zen Fountain

Just upstream / east of "Tributary Wall" along the Arizona Canal, construction boffins are putting the finishing touches on a tunnel underneath Goldwater Blvd. Thank you, City of Scottsdale for ponying up $258,622.87 for this project, and also to hardworking guys out there making it happen. It will be interesting to see what they do at the ends of the tunnel--before they dug it, the canal bank has been dirt on both sides of Goldwater. The mud is fun when it rains, but I would assume that they will pave from here down to the tunnel, and at least up the incline on the other side. I even like the temporary detour on the opposite side of the canal through the ruts and gravel, but that's probably just me. Goldwater is not the busiest street in the area, but it's a tricky stretch, with curves and slight uphills that make seeing the oncoming traffic deceptive unless you watch carefully. But it's not like the tunnel will instantly create an unbroken stretch of street crossing-free bike path: currently, the next street behind me in this photo is Scottsdale Road, which you will still need to frogger across, and next down the canal westward from the new tunnel is 68th Street, also a frogger scenario if you want to stay with the canal, although that street did just recently get much-appreciated and needed bike lanes painted on it. Like the Waterfront itself, this path is a work in progress, and this tunnel is progress in the right direction, a real aid for peds, cyclists, and the occasional equestrian. Giddy-up. Go ride.

 Potentially Will Be Very Fun to Blast Through This in a Sinner Mango

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