Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not A Good Idea

(But very necessary)

Inspiration comes from different sources. In fact, it's possible that I am inspired by too wide a variety of stimuli. True, the list is increased markedly in number because many items are listed twice, in effect: for example, "remarkable athletic achievement" inspires me, as does "remarkable athletic achievement (on a bike)." This pattern, of adding "(on a bike)" to a basic inspiration, is valid because my love for bicycles makes them more relevant or personal to me. An achievement in golf, for example, may inspire me slightly, but since I don't get golf, won't mean that much to me. But something like "shooting a hole in one (on a bike)" might move me more, enough that it becomes valid as a distinct achievement. Likewise, doing some things myself may mean more to me if I can add "(on a bike)" to the end. For example, taking pictures of inspirational scenes to put on my blog. If I can do that on a bike, all the better. However, that may not be a good idea. I ride just fast enough that going one-handed while fiddling with zoom and worrying about where the camera is pointed presents some risk. Maybe it just takes practice. I'll keep working on it. But when I see socks like these, (on a bike), I have to take a picture for you. It is necessary to do so. Striped socks (on a bike): inspirational. Get up. Go ride.



  1. "Here lies John Romeo Alpha. He rode head first into a Mack truck, but at least he got the shot."

  2. USJ there are worse ways to go. For example, Thomas Merton.


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