Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yasuko Gets Fenders

I mounted fenders on Yasuko today, thereby guaranteeing that we will not get rain for the next nine months. She's been a great commuter bike so far, except when it rains or when there's water running in the street. So I picked up a pair of black fenders, stuck some reflective tape on them to maintain the red/black theme, and BAM! Yasuko is a smokin cruisemuter. On the first day that my cruisemuter has fenders, it was 74 degrees and 8 percent humidity. It's a dry warm.

  Dan Kiley Gazebo

So on this warm, dry Saturday, I took out the one speed and rode the canal paths. I took a diversion at the bicycle murder signs to go north to Moon Valley. The bicycle murder sign looks like this, and spooks me every time I see it:

 Used to have a picture on it. Been there for a long time.

The gazebo up there is where I turned around. I called it "Dan Kiley Gazebo" because there is an inscription running along the top of the wall. I tried to take some still pictures of it, but you can't really get the full effect unless you walk along and read it. So there's a video of that below. But the inscription is unattributed, at least as far as I saw, and a quick search on the internet shows that it was actually said by America's foremost landscape architect, Dan Kiley. So the least we can do is name the gazebo after him, too, I feel. Next time I stop there for a bottle of cool water, I'll think of Dan. Get up. Go ride.

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