Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saguaro Stop

Carnegiea gigantea standing on the corner, chatting with me while I wait for the light to change. Our topic of conversation: THE THING IN THE TREE. It was there yesterday in the Lafayette Parkway. Today it was gone, so I couldn't get a closer look to see what it is. All I have is this part of the photo I took for the Little Parks post. What is it? I am guessing some sort of insect sample collector. But actually, I have no idea, and now that it's gone, my neighborhood proprioception is missing a piece of explanatory data. Must make sense of all man-made artifacts within the neighborhood radius in order to place myself within life's rich catalog of local stuff. A mystery like this can cause a critical disconnect in the sense-of-place. Any ideas what it might be? Time to go for a long ride to see if there are any more hanging around. Get up. Go ride.


  1. Thanks John for the +1 to my neighborhood proprioception! Now I wonder what flying insects, and for what purpose(s)... -JR


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