Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Stroke of Genius: The BOBBIC Ratio

A long time ago, eons in Blogger time, I posted about the BIMBIC ratio. This work-related, not at all funny, ratio doesn't have much to do with cycling, but it seemed to me at the time that there might be a tie-in. Didn't know what it was (other than the sheer genius of the concept), but this morning, in a lighthearted Friday mood, almost suitably caffeinated, it came to me: the BOBBIC ratio is an expression of the number of minutes your Butt is On your Bike divided by the number of minutes your Butt is In your Car, per week. I've seen quite a few blogs where people post their daily or weekly mileage, which is awesome, but I wonder if BOBBIC wouldn't be a more interesting stat to review regularly.

In the last seven days, for example, and including an estimate for today, I put my weekly BOBBIC at about  9. Not bad, not bad. I recognize that many people will have a BOBBIC where the denominator is 0, yielding a BOBBIC of infinity or undefined. Which is even more awesome than 9, since I hear Buzz Lightyear: BOBBIC, to infinity and beyond!!!

Have a rocking good Friday. Boost up your BOBBIC. See you in the weekend. Get up. Go ride. 

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