Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Lean!

Two friends on a Friday morning ride, leaning into the turn. Hi guys!

Two friends, riding out of the sunset along the canal. Nice purple basket dude!

Came up with a name for my commuter bike tonight, too. Henceforth, the Fuji Suncrest shall be called Yasuko, in honor of the lead singer of the band Melt-Banana. Not because I am their biggest fan (I actually thought they were a rather odd choice to warm up for the Tool concert I saw in Richmond, VA) but for her plucky, energetic, original style. Go Yasuko!

The weekend is now. The plan for tomorrow (after the morning coffee guzzling) should be obvious, but it bears repeating: Get up. Go ride. 


  1. how cute is that guy with his basket - oh very nice couple

  2. Melt Banana-
    And I thought Cibo Matto was out there.

  3. meli they seemed to be just cruising around, no hurry, chatting as they rode. Cool.

    limom I found the Melt-Banana noise beyond my understanding or appreciation. Kind of like cyclists must be to the 90+% of peeples who never ride a bike. But I'm a curious, seeker sort of guy who reaches for things that seem beyond my grasp. Is that too open-minded? My foot taps during "Stick Zip Everywhere" so ride like Yasuko sings is kind of what I'm going for metaphorically.


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