Saturday, February 6, 2010

Five Stars (only the best)

While shopping for Schwalbe Marathon Supreme Tires


  1. You have got to be kidding me!
    Five stars!
    And I been thinking of Marathon Supremes also.
    Anyone else but Rivendell have these in stock?
    I know they are available straight from Schwalbe USA, but at a premium!

  2. $45 on Amazon from Niagara Cycle Works. I've been riding the Forte City 1.5" tires for a long time, because they are slick, skinny, cheap, and last forever. But they get flats pretty easily so I also use slime tubes. Was just wondering if the Schwalbe's would be good alternative not requiring the slime, but they cost about 9x more than the Forte's, and I'm not thinking they are 9x better. But they look great anyway.

  3. Wait, math is fuzzy. Make that 5x the price. Too early for complicated calculations.

  4. Strange, it's not on the Niagara web site. Those measure out to 700x45 or so, been looking for the 700x40 which I've read actually measure around 37 or so.
    That is way cheap though for Supremes which according to the Schwalbe website is the mother of all tires. Been looking at the new Michelin Pilot Sports. I like em except for the reflective strip.

  5. Wow, on the Schwalbe site those are $70. Two of those would be worth more than my bike.


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