Wednesday, February 10, 2010


There's a forklift in mah bike lane. Pretty sure he was operating his machine in order to haul pallets of recently picked citrus around as part of the anti-roof rat harvesting frenzy. Anyway, although the photo shows us approaching a potentially contentious traffic circle scenario, he was super-chill, and waved me by. It's probably my first clean forklift pass in a bike lane. Never driven one myself, although I once passed the basic certification test just to demonstrate that I am an excellent test taker, no matter what the subject. But, I pose a query out to the sign erectors: since I saw your gorgeous "SWEEPERS AHEAD" signage out on Pima Road recently but with no sweepers, could a cyclist get a few "FORKLIFTS WORKING" signs around? How about "BOXES OF CITRUS AHEAD"? It's nothing like a BIMBL, which was probably one of those once-in-a-lifetime type deals, but if I was in the mood I might appreciate a free orange on the way in. What do you say, citrus picking crews? Get up. Go ride.  


  1. I like that yield sign up ahead.
    It reminds me of the time a Honda Civic hit me while I was driving a forklift.
    Long story.
    Oh and yes, I was wrong.

  2. Thinking about it now, when I passed him on the left, I probably should have left more room, in case he turned suddenly to the left, or had to swerve around something. A forks-bike collision would be odd and bad. You never know.


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