Saturday, February 13, 2010

Books: A Contact Sport, VNSA Book Sale 2010

Books books books. It's only 11:30 am and it's already been a perfect day. I stood in line for a couple of hours waiting to get into the 2010 VNSA Used Book Sale with my friend, HBob. I perused, previewed, and picked through books for over an hour, purchased said books at very affordable prices, and then retired to a nearby diner to review the morning's loot.
Sunrise at the Fairgrounds
After shooting the video above and pillaging the science section, I headed to the Sports department to find bike books. I found none for some time. Then, digging through the boxes under the tables, I found the Bike Department. 
After the sale I gathered my haul and went back outside to reconnect with HBob. As I feared that the waiting masses were regarding my well-chosen and substantial haul of books with envy, I moved quickly back to the parking lot. We then retired to Mel's Diner nearby, to eat brunch. Not that we "do" "brunch". But it was halfway between breakfast and lunch when we sat down.
 HBob ordering
I had a Gyro Omelet (first time for that) and endless cups of good diner coffee. He got biscuits with his meal, but rather than ordering them swimming in what would probably be a sausagey salty gravy delicious at a cosmic level, HBob chose to get them dry (yuck), and instead used them as absorbent hockey pucks to sop up the juices on his plate. It takes all kinds I guess.
Here's my haul. I'm pretty happy with it, and anything else I do after this today will be pure, wonderful gravy. The kind that HBob should have had on his biscuits. Thick, with chunks of sausage floating in it. It's sunny and 70 degrees out, though, so not-riding would be a tragedy. I'll be on the road soon. If I ever tear myself away from this stack of wonder. Get up. Go ride.


  1. That reminds me much of the public library book sale here!
    Never went on the first day.
    Looks like good score.
    I would at least have taken a look at the one titled "Fast Women."
    Though probably not about what I'm thinking.

  2. They state that there are 600,000 books for sale at this one. I was going to compute the volume that 600,000 average-sized books would occupy, but I didn't want to desiccate the great memories by extracting all the joy. Nobody likes memory-jerky.

  3. Video with alternative soundtrack:

  4. That is freakin awesome!
    Shopping carts!
    I would have been all over that fine arts section.

  5. There are so many people and so many books that the shopping carts are a scarce commodity. I bring a large wheeled suitcase. Easier to maneuver in the aisles, and when it's full I'm done.

  6. Heh. Nice soundtrack. Sounded EXACTLY like that as I was walking in!

  7. HBob I know--I could hear the sound coming out of your ears.


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