Monday, January 25, 2010

Under the Bridge Down by The River


  1. Remember when it was dry and we had to drive across the river bottom? The Mill was actually making flour?

    One year it rained a lot and the river was flowing like it is now. I took a bunch of photos of the river. This photo reminded me of that time.

  2. The plans to redevelop the Hayden Mill site look like they are still up in the air. Photos and text on here sound like the plan is to put a mixed-use (Starbucks, bars, fast food, offices) on the property, along with the whimsical notion of converting the old elevator into a hotel.
    The long story is here, although the next chapter of the story seems murky.

  3. Can you picture this as a hotel?

  4. this picture is pretty awesome! that mill would make a super strange-cool hotel :D

  5. And I just read yesterday that Tempe is going to complete the development of the south end of the path next to the Crosscut canal so that there will be a nearly car-less route for riding to this point and beyond, including to the Hayeden Flour Mill Hotel. More posts on that as they do it, I'm sure!


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