Thursday, January 14, 2010

Render Unto OCDaeser

Sometimes you just have to let the OCD run its course. Wisdom and experience support the conclusion that the benefits sometimes outweigh the costs of just giving the OCD enough slack to spin on whatever it is that's bugging it, until it loses interest, to limit collateral damage via a more adamant and energy-sapping spin at a less-convenient time. So, hopefully for the last time, I write one more post about the fish round-up that I did not actually attend, but which is still sending aftershocks reverberating up and down the canal. With the offset glimpse of the effusive prose devoted to linking fine art, muddy ditch maintenance, community dialogue, architectures, large-scale fissures, and the capture of weed-eating carp, I had to go back and get a better shot, and read the whole paragraph.

There you go. As the canal channel is a forum for community dialog, I suggest we go hold a meeting there to discuss city bicycle infrastructure now, since at least there's very little water in it. When they fill it back up in a few weeks, in may be less conducive to talking about stuff, as we are washed downstream toward the genetic mixing pool that is the terminus of the Crosscut Canal. There are several physical gaps that we would probably get caught in on the way, prior to getting caught between the environmental and political issues mentioned in the sign. And it seems like a physical barrier whether it's full of water or not. Anyway, so that this exercise in OCD free-reign isn't a total loss, here's a quick video of the heavy machines moving mud around in the ditch, creating a wake in the shallow water, and making a better place for the white amurs and community dialoguers. Get up. Go ride.

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