Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Cheesy Chips Ride

Sometimes you need to get on the bike and ride until you are covered in mud and can't ride another block, other times you need to just make a plate of cheesy chips with chipotle salsa and sit down in front of the TV for a good snacking. So, behold the wonder of JRA Cheesy Chips, made with 5 kinds of cheese, a recipe developed in the test kitchens of the John Romeo Alpha Culinary Institute of the Onspeedgo Online University. Yum. Thanks Limom at the Flat Tire for putting delicious snack food products into my mind.

However, consuming the plate of cheesy chips did not satisfy the ache to get out and ride. The road bike has not been used in a while. Since I ride this pig to work and back, mounting a lithe steel and carbon fiber road bicycle is both exciting and a bit intimidating, at least for the first few minutes, until my muscle memory kicked in and I felt more connected to it. I love the canal paths, and also occasionally riding down some single-track on a mountain, but when I'm on a road bike on a smooth stretch of road spinning at just the right cadence, there's nothing else like the feeling. The guys at Slippery Pig bike shop sold me my road bike a few years ago, and they did a great job of matching me to the right bike. I usually do my own wrenching, because I enjoy the frustration and learning from my own horrific errors, but if I needed something beyond my skills, and several things fall into that category, I wouldn't hesitate to go back to that shop.

So I put together a video of the ride, not because it was "epic" or incredibly notable, just because it was fun, and proof that I did something to try to counteract the cheesy chips fat grams. Although there is no need to counteract the cheesy chips mojo, it actually helped I think. At about 2:30 you can witness some cyclists exhibiting the two-wheeled version of the group-gets-the-right-of-way fallacy. Just because the riders in front of you make the light or enter the traffic circle first, they don't magically douse you with invisible right-of-way fluid that pulls you through the intersection automatically (although it would be awesome if it worked that way). I attribute my super-attentiveness and ability to resist the temptation to continue on through the traffic circle in front of them to the sense of calm and peace I attained from the cheesy chips mojo. May you attain something similar soon, too. Get up. Go ride.   


  1. Nothing like the cheesy chip guilt trip to help motivate one to get out and ride.
    I even look at a Snickers bar and I'm already counting the miles.

  2. In theory, I would prefer that my bike engine was fueled with high octane all-organic non-processed lean protein accompanied by fresh fruit and vegetables. Sometimes it is. In practice though, the calories sometimes come from cheesy chips, which I chalk up to being an extremely flexible omnivore capable of extracting nutrition from even the most highly processed, least-natural sources.


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