Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weak in the Knees

The John Romeo Alpha "ride to the ride" rule worked in my favor today. As I started off in the late morning for North Mountain, my right knee was hurting, probably from overuse. I've been riding a lot. So the knee just needs to shut up and keep pumping. A warm-up spin in a medium cadence loosened up the whining joint, and it felt fine by the time I arrived at the left end of Trail 100. That previous video I posted was at the opposite end. That was just a week ago, giving some credence to the sore knee's point of view. One purpose for today's ride, other than riding the bike when the temperature is 72 degrees--OK you don't really need any other reason than that. But one additional thing I accomplished was trying out a slightly different mounting method of attaching my Tachyon XC camera to my helmet. The previous way I attached it seemed secure, but I vibrated more than I would like out on the trail. Mike at used a goggle strap cranked down with a tire lever to keep his camera steady, so I concluded that the zip ties alone were not cutting it. Keeping the zip tie geometry the same, I used two strips of the 3M Dual Lock under the mount to keep it firmly in place. Mission accomplished, that stuff is absurdly strong. Then I also adjusted the helmet straps so that it would stay as steady as possible on my head. The results are in the video below. I still may crank it down with a goggle strap next time, or try a frame mount. There's a whole middle section of Trail 100 that still needs to be ridden and recorded.

Lots of people out enjoying the outdoors today, walking the dog, mountain biking, spending time with the kids, and jogging along the canal. What is it that is so mesmerizing about a bouncing pony tail? Still weak in the knees. Better go for another warm-up ride. Get up. Go ride. 


  1. Hey OneSpeed. Nice Video, but I didn't hear any sound.

  2. Yeah, no sound on this one. The sound off the camera itself is not great, and what you can hear is just a bunch of bumps and stuff. I could add music but there's copyright and I don't want to mess with that later. If you see any good amateur action videos that solve both of those, shoot me a comment, I would like to see what others have done.

  3. The best amateur videos anywhere are on mr. U2metoo's sight. He has a lot of music, don't know about copy rights. The kid has talent in any case. u2metoo


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