Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Sunset Commute, December 4, 2009

On the ride home tonight, I watched the setting sun burnish the top of Hayes Peak in the Estrella Mountains, and slowed my pace a little to spin easy as evening fell. I wanted to grab a picture of the dying light burning the pyramid-shaped rocks miles away, but that's a view that doesn't show up very well on a cell phone snap. Instead, a few miles down the road, I pulled over and caught last light in Dateland. No heavy thoughts; in fact, as I thought about that phrase, "last light in Dateland," I thought of a date shake at the Sphinx Date Ranch, and nearly turned around to pedal back and get one. But, maybe I can use that as a lure to get one or more of my kids out on their bikes this weekend. So, it's the weekend. Let's all go get a frosty beverage of our choice, relax, and contemplate ways to make the residents of this planet more aware of one another. Get up. Go ride.

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