Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm in favor of doing whatever you want to with your bike. I also recognize that different combinations work for different people for complex collisions of opportunity, taste, cost, knowledge, peer pressure, skill, will, and chance. Formula-wise, you get Bike=OxTxCxKxPxSxWxCh, where 'x' is the mystery mashup operator. (Note this formula only applies in relatively free/open societies, and not in totalitarian regimes where only one or two types of bicycles are manufactured, nor in traditionalist bicycle monocultures where any deviation like wearing a helmet or any item of lycra visible or even underneath is punished with scorn).  Still, when I see a configuration like this, I'm not filled with negativity or judgment, only wonder: I wonder how that works for someone, are their arms in some kind inexplicable formation which makes this possible? I am on board the "all two wheeled human-powered vehicles are cool" bandwagon. I'm just curious what makes this work for someone. Get up. Go ride.

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  1. Grandma Jogger used to have a bike like this. She bought a second-hand bike with the racing handlebars, and got someone to flip them so that she didn't have to lean over so far.


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